I am a mid-life, divorced empty-nester. I spent almost 25 years in a marriage that had become increasingly toxic. I have three grown children. One of them married mid-divorce and the other two married post-divorce, so they have all been through this with me. I am ever so grateful for their love and support.

I have two amazing friends who have walked with me through the divorce. If it wasn’t for their friendship and support, I am not sure I would be here. I also have an amazing boyfriend who has walked with me through some rather sticky post-divorce situations. Cycle Dude is a saint!

The most important thing in your post-divorce life is a good support network. Friends, pastor, counselor, support groups – these are all people who should be part of a post-divorce support network. Divorce leaves a huge gaping wound in the heart and soul. The best way to deal with that wound is to surround one’s self with loving, understanding people.

It is my desire that this blog will help others in the same age and stage of life as me who have gone through a mid-life divorce.  Let’s journey to healing together. (On Facebook as Starting Over After a Mid-Life Divorce.)


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