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What is My Purpose?

My mom had such high hopes for my five siblings and I when we were younger – she thought at least one of us would be rich, or perhaps another would be famous. None of us are neither rich nor famous. But we have touched others’ lives for the better. Both of my sisters are educators – one teaches English for the military and another teaches fifth graders. One of my brothers has been a leader in his church and another brother owned his own coffee shop. My mom is currently pursuing her two passions – writing and educating. She has her own website and writes an education column for several local newspapers. Perhaps she is the one who will be rich and famous!

Often, when we come out the other side of a rough time in our lives, we begin to question our existence. If you are a mom, you may feel your children are your identity – until they grow up and begin families of their own. They are no longer your responsibility. Or you may feel your identity was in your marriage. Your purpose as a mom and a wife are gone. So what do you do now?

A sweet friend called me this past weekend. She had been reading my blog. I remember when she first contacted me to comment on something I had written. She was very wounded and didn’t think she could endure the hard time she was going through. I encouraged her and stayed in contact with her. Now, a year or so later, she is, in turn, encouraging other women. I told her she has come so far! She has a purpose – to walk beside other women as they go through a divorce or other hard times in their lives. I am humbled by her strength.

I have found that part of my purpose in life is to write this blog, to encourage other women. I have also found that part of my purpose is to love my adult children through the different phases of their lives. My purpose is also to love my mom and encourage her as she pursues her passion this late in her life. My purpose is to love and encourage those people God has put in my life. In doing so, I will make a difference in my small corner of the world. It has taken me a while to realize my purpose.

For some, their purpose is larger than life. For others, their purpose is small and quiet – making a difference and blooming where they are planted. Do not feel insignificant if your face is not splashed across the latest cover of Vanity Fair. Know that God sees you, hears you and loves you. You are right where He wants you to me. Hugs! Stay tuned. . . .


The Gear Principle

The book of Romans, Chapter 8, verse 28 states, “And we know in all things that God works for the good of those who love Him and who have been called according to His purpose.” I call this the Gear Principle.

Have you ever played the game, “Gears”? It’s a game where everyone adds a gear, then turns their gear to see all the other gears turning. This is an illustration of Romans 8:28. We do not go through trials for ourselves alone, but we endure trials for the sake of others as well. When we go through a rough time, people are watching us, though we don’t always know it – believers and non-believers alike. Do we practice the faith we profess? Do we curse God for the hardship or we do bend to His wisdom? Are we silent as we pray and seek His face in the trial or are we loud and obnoxious as we moan and groan and grumble and complain? How do people see God through our lives?

I will be the first to admit to grumbling and complaining as I walked through divorce. It was hard! I would have rather gone through natural childbirth again! Yet, here I am on the other side. I am afraid that at times I was not a good witness for my faith. Yet still, people saw something. My mom tells me all the time that I am such a strong person. I am humbled by that. It’s nothing I did – the strength was totally God (and still is).

Next time you, or I, walk through a trial, let us remember that it’s not just for us. Someone else needs to know how to walk in the strength and grace of God. Be a good gear!! Stay tuned . . .